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Business Model

HonkerTech Digital Fabrication Lab at Arlington High School utilizes 2D and 3D technology to produce industry standard items to be sold as a means to provide financial sustainability to the program.

Items designed, fabricated, and marketed include, but are not limited to, single and multicolor vinyl decals, 3D printed items, 2D plasma cut metal, and custom metal fabrication projects on a small or large scale. As space allows, more variety will be available.
The business concept of HonkerTech is to be a "makerspace" providing a wholesale option to Arlington students allowing them create, and pay wholesale costs for a product in house and then sell it directly to the customer for a profit. In this model, HonkerTech is the wholesaler, the student is the contractor/jobber, and the customer is the retail entity. Some projects are sold directly from HonkerTech to the customer.
Students may accrue credits for supplies when doing projects for the school or entities that choose to pay HonkerTech directly. These credits may be applied to a future project that can be personal or marketed by the student to a customer. All HonkerTech supplies have a dollar value for wholesale, jobber, and retail for consistency and to promote sustainability of the program.
Students may also receive money directly from the customer if the customer agrees to the model. In this case the customer writes 2 checks one to the project manager (approximately 40% of total project), and one to the Arlington High School (approximately 60% of the project) to be deposited in the CTE account for future projects and supplies. Under the direct supervision of MRC, the project manager distributes money to the team members that worked on the project: 20% to the design team and the rest to the team that worked on the project according to their time spent. This is documented in a ledger kept at HonkerTech Headquarters in the CTE lab at AHS.








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